The Bioprocess Engineering Research Group (BIOERG) at METU conducts research projects on bioenergy trying to address problems pertaining to energy and environment. We develop efficient biological and bio-electrochemical processes for sustainable wastewater management, biofuel production and value-added product generation and utilize fundamental bioprocess engineering tools to come up with solutions to the overarching problems of the 21st century.

In bioenergy domain, we are currently working on integration of anaerobic digestion and bio-electrochemical systems for more efficient methane production from agro-wastes. On-going research efforts are also focused on the utilization of hyperthermophilic microorganisms for biohydrogen production in bio-electrochemical systems. Hyperthermophiles offer several advantages over mesophiles in bioprocesses, we therefore focus on their use in hydrogen production from renewable feedstocks. My team is also interested in investigating the role of newly discovered mechanism “direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET)” in anaerobic processes specifically during for low-strength wastewater treatment.

Currently, I also serve as a board member at the new Climate Center of METU, which aims to make sustainable development a national priority. You are welcome to learn more about my research team through this website.

Dr. Yılmazel