Yasemin Dilşad Yılmazel Tokel

Associate Professor

Dr. Yasemin Dilsad Yilmazel Tokel has dual B.S. degree in Environmental Engineering and in Chemical Engineering both received from METU. Dr. Yilmazel received her PhD from Villanova University, USA in 2014 and worked at Penn State as Postdoctoral Researcher for more than 2 years until she was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Upstate New York. In January of 2018, Dr. Yilmazel moved back to Turkey and joined her alma mater as an Assistant Professor.

Amin GhaderiKia

Ph.D. Student

He completed his Master's thesis on start-up of electromethanogenic systems and currently works on scale-up of reactors.

Mert Şanlı

Ph.D. Student

He received his Master's on anaerobic digestion - microbial electrolysis cell (AD-MEC) integration.

Bahar Evren

Ph.D. Student

She has just started working on scale-up of AD-MECs.

Ece Akay

Ph.D. Student

Ece is a Ph.D.student in the ESS interdisciplinary program and is working on LCA of biorefinery systems.

Berkan Oden

M.Sc. Student

He is investigating the impact of buffers on AD-MEC systems.

Idilay Konar

M.Sc. Student

She has recently started working on electro-fermentation.

Rayaan Harb

Postdoctoral Researcher

He is working on hyperthermophilic biohydrogen production from agricultural wastes and also on LCA of bioenergy systems.

Adeleh Rashidi

Full-time Researcher

She works on nutrient recovery from biogas plant effluents.


Raushan Kunayeva (ENVE Class of 2026)

Working on AD-MECs within ADEP and 1004 projects. Also an ADIM ODTU recipient.

Ulas Yuzendag (ENVE Class of 2025)
Working on LCA within 1004 project. Also an ADIM ODTU & TUBITAK STAR fellowship recipient.


Berivan Tunca (MSc graduate, 2023)
Current position: PhD student at DTU, Denmark

Feride Ece Kutlar (MSc graduate, 2023)
Current position: PhD student at Wetsus & Wageningen Univ., Netherlands

Mehmet Yagci (Undergraduate researcher & full-time researcher, 2021-2023)
Current position: MSc student at Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Yasin Odabas, (MSc graduate, 2022)
Current position: Industry, Turkey

Aykut Kas (MSc graduate, 2021)
Current position: PhD student at UFZ-Helmholtz Center, Germany


Iskin Engin (currently postdoc at IYTE), Jumana Almallahi (researcher at Hokkaido Univ., Japan)


Polen Pulluoglu (starting grad school soon), Elif Tastan (industry), Buse Naval (industry), Yesim Kutluata (Türkiye İş Bankası), Goksu Ozal (MSc student at Technical University of Munich), Doga Yahsi (MSc student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Mustafa Yavuz Tas (Türkiye İş Bankası)