Yasemin Dilşad Yılmazel Tokel

Assistant Professor

Dr. Yasemin Dilsad Yilmazel Tokel received her PhD from Villanova University, USA in 2014 and joined Dr. Logan’s lab at Penn State as Postdoctoral Researcher where she worked for more than 2 years. Later she was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Upstate New York. In January of 2018, Dr. Yilmazel moved back to Turkey and joined her alma mater as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Yilmazel has dual B.S. degree in Environmental Engineering and in Chemical Engineering both received from METU.Dr. Yilmazel also serves as Vice Chairperson at the Department of Environmental Engineering.

Ece Akay

PhD Student

She is interested in life cycle analysis of biomethane production in integrated MEC systems from organic wastes

Berivan Tunca

M.S. Student

She is working on hyperthermophilic biohydrogen production from agricultural wastes.

Amin Ghaderi Kia

M.S. Student

He is interested in electromethanogenesis and investigates different acclimation protocols.

Mert Şanlı

M.S. Student

He is currently focusing on the bioelectrochemical systems mainly the integrated AD-MEC integrated systems.

Yasin Odabaş

M.S. Student

His research topic is on the impact of conductive materials on anaerobic d.

Feride Ece Kutlar

M.S. Student

Her research area is on nutrient recovery from digester effluents and AD-MEC integration.


Aykut Kas (MSc graduate, Sept 2021)

Current position: PhD student at UFZ-Helmholtz Center, Germany


Yesim Kutluata, Goksu Ozal (MSc student at Technical University of Munich), Doga Yahsi (MSc student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)